Sanatana Dharma, meaning “Eternal or Universal Righteousness” is the original name of what is now popularly called Hinduism. Sanatana Dharma comprises of spiritual laws that govern the human existence. Sanatana Dharma is to human life what natural laws are to the physical phenomena.

The essence of Sanatana Dharma is spiritual freedom. The Vedic system is beyond time. It is eternal.

It’s all there, gifted for us by our great Rishi’s. It’s you and me who have to take time to plunge into this ocean of eternal bliss. The potential to attain human wholeness (or in other frames of reference called enlightenment, salvation, nirvana or moksha) is present in every human being. No race or religion is superior and no colour or creed is inferior.

All humans are spiritually united like the drops of water in an ocean. Every human being has a responsibility towards the society and the country. He/she should make a conscious attempt to fulfil it. It can be being part of a social unit or a association that engage in the activities that make positive impact on the people and the society.

All such entities that provide a platform to people to contribute to the larger society have a greater call of duty of shouldering the responsibility of promoting peace and harmony between different sections of the society, caring for the less fortunate beings and to improve the quality of the life of the masses. They should continuously innovate and to put into practice sustainable methods to achieve and sustain them.

To achieve this, Hinduism is blessed with all the ingredients required for building a beautiful and harmonious personal, family and community life.